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Plural is a team of four marketers and consultants…

With a combined 42+ years of experience in direct response marketing, operations, and CPG/DTC product development.

We’ve sold over $50 million in…


financial newsletters


health supplements


beauty products




online courses

and more

and more…

What we do

We help you build and scale your business. That’s our focus.

Whether it’s helping you define your strategy, write your marketing copy, or launch a brand new offer… we get you results.

We have…

Built Plural Healthcare, a leading mental health IOP in St. Louis…
Written multiple 7-figure promotions in finance, health, and beauty…
Increased conversions by as much as 300% with new leads…
Developed beauty cosmetic lines from scratch to launch…

But wait, there’s more…

Need tech and design? We can handle that. Don’t have a copy team? We can recruit and train one for you. New to cold media? We know a guy.


Ava Jane's Kitchen
Brian Tracy
Mike Koenigs
Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Jim Kwik
Christine Kloser
Banyan Hill
Activation Products
Green Valley Natural Solutions

Four heads are better than one










"Colin is one of the first people I think of when I need help with my copywriting. I've been working with him for over a decade now."

Jim Kwik

Kwik Learning

"I've dealt with 20 to 30 copywriters in my life, and without exaggeration, Joshua was the best to deal with. He listened to our objectives, he was willing to modify/revise his work – and we ended up selling out of all the available memberships for Bottarelli Research Professional. That's $250,000 in sales. Needless to say, I'm very pleased."

Bryan Bottarelli

Bottarelli Research

"The sales letter is converting really well for us. We've sold over 40,000 copies of our ebook so far. Definitely one of our top offers."

Jake Carney


The Alternative Daily

"Just some early numbers from our own internal list... 21.72% conversion with 50% taking the quarterly continuity. Yes, we are converting folks to a continuity product that is $100 per quarter at 21.72%. Could not have done it without you."

John Cawrse


Ava Jane's Kitchen

"Colin was a life-saver for me when I needed help breathing life and income into one of my programs. He swooped in, and immersed himself in understanding every detail of my program… and as a result wrote copy that made me want to buy my own product! Thank you Colin for your brilliant strategic mind, your amazing writing skills, your caring heart and helping me reach a lot more clients!"

Christine Kloser

Transformational Catalyst

York, PA

"Colin provides the kind of no-nonsense tell-it-like-it-is feedback that writers and CEOs depend on if our projects are to succeed. And he’s right on! His key insights contributed greatly to the ultimate success of the Food Revolution Summit. Response to our event was outstanding, and Colin’s support helped us build from nothing to a list of 32,000 in just two months."

Ocean Robbins


The Food Revolution

Soquel, CA

"Colin (who we’ve nicknamed "Cowboy" for reasons you’ll never learn unless he tells you) arrived in our tight little world of direct response copywriters seemingly from nowhere… but we knew, the minute we saw his copy, that he brought tremendous raw talent to the game. And sure enough, within three years, he was writing 7-figure promos for big publishers like Newsmax. That's why I invite him back to teach Simple Writing System every chance I get."

John Carlton

Copywriting Legend

"Colin 'gets it'. Not only does his copy covert and make you money, he can write in your voice talking to your tribe so you create a real, authentic connection with your customers."

Arielle Ford

Bestselling Author

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